Incredibly Detailed Wildlife Scratchboard Art by Cristina Penescu

Cristina Penescu creates wildlife-themed scratchboard artworks that look so real it’s hard to believe they’re not photographs.

Cristina works primarily in acrylics and scratchboard, alternating between the two as needed to realize her visions.

Scratchboard is a little known medium made up of a 1/8" masonite panel that is covered with smooth white clay and coated with a fine layer of india ink. She uses a sharp knife to scratch every single detail and hair by hand.

A single scratchboard piece can be made up of tens of thousands of tiny scratches layered atop one another. Additionally, she airbrush thin coats of india ink back onto her boards before beginning the scratching phase all over again for a second time. This allows her to achieve additional tones that are not otherwise possible.


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