Whiteboard Drawings by Gregory Euclide

Minnesota-based artist Gregory Euclide creates these amazing artworks in just 25 minutes during the lunch breaks at the high-school where he teaches.


"After teaching 38 students an hour, five hours a day, for 8 months… I started to get a little restless. So, during my lunch break I would start these drawings on the white board. It was a kind of stress release. I would give myself 25 minutes to finish something. They were just sketches that I enjoyed doing."

"I was using sumi ink, brushes, spray bottles, erasers, paper towels… anything I could find around my desk."

"I could make them in 25 minutes, so they were not too incredibly precious to me. Yes, they were all washed away. I was kind of showing students what could be done with 25 minutes of time. They would come in from the previous day and be like… “what happened to that drawing that was up there yesterday?” I would explain that I washed it off and they would just be floored that someone would make something and then destroy it. Part of the exercise was to create something… to stay active while I was at school. Part of it was also to demonstrate something to my students…I was trying to convey something about value, something about impermanence and maybe something about using time to better oneself…to possibly interest them. Many of them were interested in the process."

Check his website: http://www.gregoryeuclide.com/

Source: neatorama


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