Assembled Photographs by Ysabel LeMay

Quebec, Canada-born artist Ysabel LeMay assembles hundreds of different photographs that were taken individually through a unique process she calls 'Photo-Fusion', a lengthy process involves taking hundreds of photos and then bringing them together in a single composition, adding light and highlighting individual components.

Each work takes her between 4 to 8 weeks to complete.

"Each branch, each flower, each leaf is photographed and positioned one by one."

"Every insect, every plant, every bird that I capture with my lens has an individuality that I want to enhance and share with the viewer. I believe it is often in the simple details wherein lies divinity."

"My background as a painter gave me the visual maturity which is the understanding of space, form, movement, and depth."

"It gave me comprehension of spatial organization which is essential to what I do. The understanding of color harmony and the discipline of being able to work in my studio everyday and surpasses myself."

"I see my work more as a reflection of my personal connectivity with Nature more than a story. It express the creative connection I have with her. It is here, there, all around, living, transforming, and it never ceases to enthrall and inspire me. I let her lead throughout the rhythm of the seasons. By means of my camera, I attempt to capture her subtleties and beauty in its purest form as I interpret to you her divinity as I sense it. A leaf may appear commonplace at first glance, but when our eyes linger over it, the mundane becomes something of wonder."

"The arrangement of colors, the shapes that define it and the veins that crisscross throughout become the personas. My art, is a tribute to Nature. It is an offering; A moment of contemplation."

"For a transient moment, I hope my art will transport you to an illusory place. An abode where it feels good to sojourn, and revitalize oneself."

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Source: Mymodernmet


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