Liquid Flowers by Jack Long

Milwaukee-based photographer Jack Long creates gorgeous liquid flowers out of colored paint droplets (from the mixture of water, thickener, pigment and dye) captured in mid-air with a high-speed camera for his “Vessels and Blooms” series.

“Wanted to advance my fluid suspension/high speed photography to a higher level. I created the liquid Vase in the autumn of 2011. I worked on creating the floral forms and leaves through the winter and put it all together Spring 2012. All of my images, unless otherwise noted are single capture events. I do not use photoshop to create composited images. What you see is what occurred in that single exposure.”

"Photoshop is only used to 'clean up' the image and to enhance the image with basic tools."

“This series was a culmination of months of planning and testing. Hundreds of captures are made in testing and then many more during the actual final capture stage. A very few stand out as being the best.”

"I love working with liquids because of their incredible versatility when creating high speed photography. It is as much chance as it is preparation and planning. They are all different."

"I like to use a lot of colours, variations and mixes of red, blue and yellow and green. The work takes a great amount of planning, set building and testing."

"What I like the most is that my work is so unique from other splash or liquid photography. The main goal is to create something truly original."

All images are © Copyright of Jack Long

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