Intricate Lacy Steel Sculptures by Kyle James Dunn

Brooklyn-based artist Kyle James Dunn creates these delicate, highly detailed works lacy sculptures using a plasma cutter and lots of patience.

This piece, entitled 'The Sun Never Sets', is built from plasma-cut steel, paint, and steel hardware.

"My current sculpture revolves around the American idea of vacation and the island get away. A pervasive cultural myth that presents itself in literature, art, Hollywood film, and more, this fantasy is projected onto real places regardless of local cultures or economies. As such, its tropes--the desert isle, the Aloha shirt--exist in a fantasy realm outside of a specific time or place. They create a seductive language of artifice and leisure that is both costly and escapist to uphold."

Other Dunn's works..


(91°61'61", 181°61'61")

Green Island Dreams, Dream Green Islands

Zone Entropie


Smoke Screen

All images are © Copyright of Kyle James Dunn

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