Poetic Text Portraits by Anatol Knotek

Austria-based artist Anatol Knotek creates these incredible text portraits made of scribbles and handwritten text.


“My name is anatol knotek, i am an austrian artist and visual poet. I post my own work and art that inspires me. It’s all about concrete and visual poetry, typography and conceptual art.”


"My interest in visual poetry arose relatively late, about ten years ago. In my youth I mainly painted and I was much more interested in fine arts than in literature. My pictures were particularly shaped by influences of late 19th and early 20th century paintings. Subsequently I started with text collages and concrete poetry."


"After meeting the Austrian poet Peter Daniel, and a trip to Jürgen Blum and his “Open Book” (concrete poetry on more than 100 house facades) in Hünfeld (Germany), I realized the great fascination of visual poetry for myself. From then on I worked primarily in that field and began, still strongly oriented to the visual language of figurative painting, to “write” images."


"My goal is to express ideas, strongly bound to written, spoken and visual language, and restrict myself as little as possible in “style issues”."


He uses permanent marker on canvas to create his artworks. He makes the text denser in areas requiring darker shades while adopts a larger, sparse script elsewhere.


It takes up to two weeks to complete each picture.

All images are © Copyright of Anatol Knotek

Check his website: http://www.anatol.cc/index_en.html

Source: 3ammagazine


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