Discarded Graffiti Spray Cans Artwoks by Canlove

Canlove is a LA-based Graffiti Recycling Organization founded and managed by creative partners DJ Neff and Paul Ramirez dedicated to collecting discarded spray paint cans and turning them into various works of art.

Spray Bouquets

Custom Bouquets are available in a range of styles and colors.

This bouquet made from over 150 Spray Can Tops, bottoms and caps.

Hand Cut Flowers

Flower Arrangements


Canscapes are mosaic types of art created from body of the can. The square of metal that it becomes is colored completely on its own, its the paint drying when its exposed to air that makes the composition of the swatch. They collect them and rivet them together into the following compositions:

The Mucho Amor series

These beautiful handmade hearts are constructed from recycled spray paint cans that have been opened up and arranged by color.

Furious Five

This Furious Five created from 759 spray paint cans.

200 Spray Paint Cans

Each of theses cans was painstakingly riveted together by hand, arranged to form the abstract color form.

The color comes from the inside of the can drying after opened. No cans were painted, just arranged and assembled.

300 Spray Paint Cans

This canscape is 100 cans each panel, meticulously arranged, riveted, and wood framed.

All images are © Copyright of Canlove

Check their website: http://canlove.org/


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