Banana Tattoo by Phil Hansen

Multimedia artist Phil Hansen recreating some of history’s most famous artworks using a common pushpin and the banana’s natural oxidation process.

"This happened when I just started to think about making a book, and I was experimenting with anything I could think of around the house. I was sitting around one day doing some drawing, and my wife handed me a banana to eat as a snack. They are not my favorite to eat so I decided to draw on the banana with my pencil instead. A little later, I realized that the browning in the banana could make a quality image. Drawing on the banana wasn’t flattering because it looked scratchy. So I thought what if I poke an image, it might look more natural because bananas get speckled as they brown."

Phil punctures the banana peel repeatedly with the pushpin.

His technique is quite similar to Australian artist Jun Gil Park, who uses a toothpick to carve his designs into the banana peel.

Source: wired
Images taken from here


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