Ink, Tea and Alcohol Painting by Carne Griffith

UK-based artist Carne Griffiths creates these beautiful paintings made with ink and tea.

"I love drawing - I love line - and I love to experiment... that's how the whole tea thing came about. From experimenting with fluids over a drawn ink line. I consider my work to be very much still in development."

"I work in an unusual medium, I draw in calligraphy ink and use various types of tea to blend the lines - then I repeat the process - layering the work. In the studio I have a host of different flavored teas.. chamomile, vanilla and honey, chai, earl grey, fennel, green get the idea."

He spends 8 - 40 hours to finish a painting.

All images are © Copyright of Carne Griffith

Check his website:

Source: inspiration of the nation


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