Bicycle Chain Sculpture by Seo Young Deok (서영덕)

South Korean artist Seo Young Deok creates these unique sculptures made from tightly knit configurations of welded bicycle chains and industrial steel chains.

This 7ft 6in stunningly detailed human head called Nirvana is made of over a mile of bicycle chains, took over a year to build from bought or discarded chains, and costs over $40,000.

"The sculpture of the head came from a photograph of a manual labourer working at a construction site. The muscle above his upper lip was a great detail and I used it in my work."

"When nothing crosses my mind I go out with my camera to a crowded place like a market, subway or bus station."

"Inspiration also comes from Buddhist sculptures and paintings which I have admired since I was very young."

"I like Asian beauty. So most features of my work seem to take on an Asiatic pose."

"I try to express an attitude which is humble and enduring. The Asian spirit is bearing and forbearing, overcoming agony as opposed to escaping from it."

All images are © Copyright of Seo Young Deok.

Source: whatsonshenzhen

Images taken from here and here


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