Creative Bathroom Gadgets

Check these cool bathroom gadgets designed to make things easy.

Mat Walk Bathroom Mat

In this mat, slippers are integrated into the mat, allows you to walk comfortably without slipping on dirty or wet floors. At the same time, Mat walk can be seen as a new way of wiping the bathroom floor.


Butt Face Towel

It ends the confusion of which side to use.


Slip No More

The bathroom is no place for slapstick slip-and-fall routines. To ensure a sure-footed shower, peel these bananas and apply them to the floor of your bathtub or shower stall.


Mirror Swipe

Is your bathroom mirror steamed up again? Just give it a Swipe.


Waterproof Notepads

If you are among those who get most of your creative ideas in the shower, then perhaps these may be just the right thing for you.


Shower Mic Sponge

For those who like singing during their shower


Feel-Good Razor Holder

As the name indicates, these “Feel Good” Razor holders can help brighten up your morning with their fun and quirky designs.


Magnetic Soap Holder

Just press the supplied magnet into your soap bar and your soap is now neatly stored when not in use.

Temperature Controlled Shower Light

Now, you never have to jump into a cold shower again, with this temperature control shower light. It can be installed to any standard shower pipe in matter of minutes. Blue light changes to red when the water heats up.


Musical Shower

The musical shower is designed by Hae Lim. It has an incredible design with the shower head to be just docked into the speaker cum a charger attached to the wall. The design on the shower head once removed from the dock looks much like a modernised mike and that makes you feel all the more like a rocking diva.


Bathroom Cleaning Robot

Designed by Anna Karmazina, this innovative techie assistant cleans and tidies up your bathrooms automatically. All you need to do is connect it to a water tap and it starts to clean showers, bathtubs, floors or walls. More than that, the sucker pads on bottom still allow it to climb up the wall to ensure a thorough cleanliness.



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