Typewriter Assemblage Sculpture by Jeremy Mayer

Oakland, California artist and sculptor Jeremy Mayer disassembles typewriters and reassembles the components into full-scale, anatomically correct human figures.


He doesn’t solder, weld, or glue them together – the process is entirely cold assembly.



He doesn't use any part to the assemblage that did not come from a typewriter.

"I think of the typewriter as a product of nature- it was designed by minds immersed in nature around them, and mimicked the curves, geometry, and physical processes abounding in nature."


"The first few pieces I created were very crude, but I loved the idea of making something from an archaic relic and from only one other object.”

Each full scale sculpture uses around 40 typewriters and takes about 1200 hours to assemble.

“Reactions to my work are mostly positive. A few typewriter collectors bemoan the destruction of the machines. The ones I use are in pretty rough shape, so I feel no guilt about taking them apart.”

Check his website: http://jeremymayer.com

Source: huffingtonpost


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