Photorealistic Ballpoint Pen Drawings

Artist: Samuel Silva

Portugal-based attorney Samuel Silva exercises his drawing skills as a hobby, yet manages to create stunning piece of art using exclusively colored ball-point pens.

“Ballpoint pens are as underestimated as they are a powerful medium. It’s not about what you use, it’s about how you use it”.

He only uses 8 colored Bic ball-point pens he buys from Staples, Amazon, eBay and pretty much any office supply store where he can find them.

“I don't mix them [colors] nor blend them. Ballpoint pen ink dries instantly and can not be erased. I just cross hatch the different colors in layers to create the illusion of blending and the illusion of colors I don't actually have”.

Each of his mesmerizing drawings takes him between 5 and 50 hours to complete.

"It takes me forever to do my works. The only thing that makes me keep going is my love for what I do and the ambition to go further and further".

His “Redhead Girl,” (Left) based on the photograph by Russian photographer Kristina Taraina (Right)using seven different colored ballpoint pens which took some 30 hours to finish. To create such vibrant colors, he “cross hatches” in layers to give off the illusion of additional hues and depth.

All images are © Copyright of Samuel Silva

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Artist: Juan Francisco Casas

Spain artist Juan Francisco Casas creates these realistic pictures using only blue ballpoint pen where he reproduces images he takes with his camera.

One of his amazing works, measuring up to 10 feet high, take up to 14 ballpoint pens and up to two weeks to complete.

Since he draws using ballpoint pen, errors can’t easily be erased. So Juan tries to be extremely careful, especially towards the final stages of the drawing process.

Check his website:


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