Beautiful Finger Painting by Iris Scott

American artist Iris Scott creates beautiful work of art using her fingers with oil paints on canvas.

Wearing a pair of latex glove, she dips her fingers in color paint and wiggles them on the canvas.

The artist came upon the technique by chance when she had been living in Southern Taiwan. When she was midway through an oil painting, she needed some bright yellow. Rather than go outside in the excruciating heat to clean brushes properly, she applied the color with her fingertips. "I knew within 10 strokes that finger painting with oils was what I would spend the rest of my life doing."

“I see the world through ‘finger painted’ colored glasses.”

“I paint what I see. Finger paintings are hiding everywhere, sometimes I catch them when I’m walking down the sidewalk, or lounging in a living room. I search for color relationships, and intriguing forms.”

"The benefits of finger painting is that I don’t have to clean all that surface area created by hundreds of bristles in a paint brush….instead I just wipe my fingertips clean with a paper towel. I can switch between colors faster without the pain of traditional brush cleaning, plus I can paint with more than one point of contact. So the process is really just far faster than traditional brush painting…."

"Sketching and photography are very key. Sometimes its a photograph that provides the inspiration, and sometimes I just start sketching and develop the composition. In the evenings before painting days I stretch the canvas by hand, cover it with primer, and set it up in the studio for the following morning.”

”In the studio I can lose 12 hours fairly easily because time doesn’t pass in the same way when I’m painting. I’m in a visual zone of consciousness that’s somewhat impervious to the sense of time passing. Hours go by like minutes. I listen to great music and drink lots of coffee.”

All images are © Copyright of Iris Scott

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