Unique and Cool Holders

Check these seriously cool holders from all over the world..

Drinklip Portable Cupholder


This innovative design of Kim Hyun-been is for anyone that is short of space on your desk but needs a drink close at hand. The DrinKlip attaches itself to any desk, table, or shelf edge creating a neat drinks holder. It also provides extra anti-spill protection built in.

Feel Good Razor Holder

The Feel Good Razor Holder is a fun alternative to storage in your bathroom. Use the suction cup on the back to stick to most glossy, surfaces such as mirror, glass or tile and let him take charge of your disposable razor!

"The Ex" Skewers Set and Holder


Another unique design of Raffaele Iannello, a 10-piece S/S Skewers with holder that guaranteed to be a conversation piece and a great gift.

Barbuzzo Throwzini Knife Holder


A very special and interesting knife holder design. It adds a touch of whim to kitchen interior. This knife set includes five stainless sharp razors which are made up of steel and it is used by professional chefs. Magnets are used to hold each knife safely in their individual sheathe. It is handcrafted and material used to make the holder is fine wood.

"The Ex" Knife Set and Holder


"The Ex" Knife Set and Holder designed by Raffaele Iannello, is a unique 5-piece knife set with holder that can adds a touch of whimsy to any kitchen. Constructed with heavy-gauge durable stainless steel, each knife offers a razor-sharp precision cutting blade and a hollow, ergonomically designed for comfortable handle.

Five Finger Fillet Steak Knife Holder


Comes with silver hand and black base. Silver hand includes five knives and a holder. Five finger fillet steak set has a very unique design and it is very different from other unique knife holder designs. Biggest advantage of five finger fillet steak is that it maximizes space in the kitchen through ground breaking unique knife holder designs.

Dead Fred Pen Holder


Dead Fred designed by Yann Le Bouedec, is a macabre pen holder constructed of red finished silicone that appears to be sprawled out with your pen pierced through his upper body.

Fred Toothpick Holder, Ouch!


The voodoo-it-yourself toothpick holder is perfect for finger food, emergency hexes, and jump-starting the good times.

Dandypick Toothpick Holder


This cool toothpick holder gets its inspiration from the dandelion.

Cactooph Toothpick Holder


This toothpick holder is the best of both functionality and decoration that made to look like the iconic plants of the American southwest.

Faucet iPad and iPhone Holder


Designed by Japanese studio Nendo for Elecom; Jaguchi (or faucet) stands for smartphones and tablets that creates a cool illusion of water pouring from a tap.

Mobile Tail Phone Holder


Innovative mobile device holder for when you watch movies, internet lectures or TV shows, both vertically or horizontally.

iStuck Holder

iStuck will hold your personal communicator at just the right angle for viewing a video without any sticky mess! Twin suction cups attach to most devices with smooth hard surfaces. Made of silicone. Measures 2.5 inches long x 1.25 inches in diameter.

The Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder


The Butt Station is a tape dispenser with cutter, pen and memo/card holder, and the magnetic rump holds paper clips. It’s bold enough to make a statement, but tasteful enough to keep the conversation going. The Butt Station is a perfect gift for students, graduates, or anyone with an office job and a sense of humor.

Yes Sir & Yes Madam Bobble Head Paper Clip Holder


This fancy paper clip holder designed by Amy Hardacre holds dozens of paper clips on magnetic head. Approximately 7" tall.

Human Key Holder


You’ll never blame her again for losing the keys with this pair of Human Key Holders mounted to the wall. Simply attach your keys to the key provided, and insert the key into the male or female forms.

Bottle Clip


Designed by Mattias Ries, it lets you carry a bottle of water on your bike. It features a standard sized bottle cap so you can attach the majority of water bottles to it, or any other drink you fancy.

Toilet Brush Holder


This black ceramic toilet brush holder is simply adorable. The holder is shaped like a toilet, including the water tank. The brush rests inside the toilet, and is held up away from the surface by a hook like portion on the toilet seat. Approximate Dimensions: Height: 8.5" (14" with brush) Width: 4.5"

The Retro Cassette Tape Business Card Holder


This particular design by stylist, DJ, and radio producer Liz is actually a business card holder.


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