Woven Oil Paintings by Caroline Larsen

Toronto-based artist Caroline Larsen creates oil paintings that perfectly resemble woven yarn.


“I was inspired by pointillism and I have always been attracted to super thick paintings. In art school, I would experiment with all sorts of ways to apply paint, and the decoration tips really stood out! I also have a background in ceramics, so making paintings that are super thick just came natural.”


She squeezes paints through a serrated steel tip (similar to cake decorating) to pipe the layers of paint onto the canvas. The visual patterns and thick paints create textures that looks like woven yarn.


The paints are so thick that Larsen has to be extra careful to let them images dry.

"The main struggles with my practice are kind of boring things, like drying time and storage (My works have to lay flat for about 5 weeks before I move them to be photographed!)."


"In my work I can not go back and rework any areas, I have one shot to get the painting correct! The colours have to all look good together, and I have to be hyper aware of my self around the paintings, I have had my pony tail sweep over the painting and smear paint all over the place!"


"I spend a lot of time thinking about images before I start to make them, sometimes upwards of 6 months! I spend so much time thinking about images by the time they start to become paintings I try to be as secure in the image translating to a painting as I can. I do use an enormous amount of paint in my studio, and every once and a while I get a bit nervous about going through so much paint! After I get over that I feel good though, like I have pushed myself to the next level!"

Check her website: http://carolinelarsenart.com/home.html

Source: freshbreaddaily


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