Maroquinaris Zoologicae by Billie Achilleos

British artist Billie Achilleos created this “Maroquinaris Zoologicae,” a miniature zoo full of animals, all pieced together with Louis Vuitton leather products and accessories to celebrate the 100th annivesary of the Louis Vuitton SLG Savoir Faire collection.

“Each animal highlights an element in the design of the products.”

"The Chameleon displays the variety of color.”

“The Grasshopper is constructed from products with zips and poppers that make satisfying noises like that of the musically gifted insect."

“The Armadillo was to highlight the soft yet durable quality of the leather."

"And finally my favorite, the Beaver, who’s functionality chops wood, builds dams…and provides cleaver ways of organising ones life in men’s bags and wallets.”

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