Denim Art by Ian Berry

Netherton-born, Sweden-based artist Ian Berry cut up jeans to create these amazing collages made entirely out of denim.

Retreat, Denim on Denim

He has made quite a name for himself after his unique art, called Denimu, from the Japanese pronunciation of the word “denim”.

The Cheyenne has gone, Denim on Denim

It was about six or seven years ago my mum was clearing out my old room and she wanted me to go through my things. I found loads of old jeans and denims and I noticed the different colors and shades. I kept hold of them but it was only about 18 months later I began to do something with them.

A Blue Eye, Denim on Denim

His love for the fabric gave him the inspiration for his work. He re-uses used pants, jackets, and other denim clothing of different shades and colors by cutting them into specific shapes to make his art pieces. He has done a variety of work from portraits to urbanscapes.

Welcome to Utica, Denim and Coloured Jeans on Denim

To create these incredible detailed works of art, Ian just need to re-uses used pants, jackets, and other denim clothing of different shades and colors, a pair of scissors and some glue.

Ms Jean, Denim on Denim

After five years of working with Denim, the English artist has managed to fill seven closets with old pairs of jeans, so it’s safe to say he has plenty of material for his future works.

The Rebel

All images are © Copyright of Ian Berry

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