Food Art by Ida Skivenes

Norwegian artist/photographer Ida Skivenes created these fun and healthy food art.

She saw a photo on the Internet of two pieces of toast that looked like a bear and a fox and she copy it and shared it on Instagram in June 2012

"I got good feedback, so I tested a few of my own ideas."

"I found it to be a fun way for me to combine my interests for art and food, plus the chance to exercise my creative side."

"I have two current favorites in different categories: the scone fox I did a while back and the very recent art toast depicting the Edvard Munch piece Girls On A Jetty."

"The scone fox because it's so simple yet has many layers of meaning when you couple it with its complete title Crazy Like A British Scone Fox. The Munch toast turned out so much better than I ever dared to hope for, with many fun details, and I really enjoyed getting to know the Norwegian painting better through the experience."

"It was a great chance to exercise my creative side while also engaging people in eating healthy fun food."

All images are © Copyright of Ida Skivenes

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