Birds On A Feather by Rebecca Jewell

London-based artist Rebecca Jewell making a photo-plate and inking it up and run it through the etching press to print the image onto the feather.

"My father was a zoologist and he always made us aware of the birds and animals around us. We had a nest box in the garden when I was a child and every spring, my Dad would help us climb up the ladder and look inside at the eggs and chicks."

"When I was in Papua New Guinea in 1982, I was aware of how important birds were to those people and I was amazed at the incredible feather headdresses which they made. The title for my show is actually one that I used for my PhD research exhibition - but I loved the pun on the word 'becoming' and it seemed to fit so well with my new body of work, turning feathers into art objects."

"Birds and feathers are my fascination and inspiration."

"Most of my feathers are moulted from my mother's white doves. She lives near Cambridge and has a large garden and dove cot and she collects them for me. Other people also give me feathers and some are goose feathers from farmed birds or they are moulted feathers from captive-bred parrots - various bird zoos have given me feathers in the past. Where possible, I try to use "ethically sourced" feathers."

"Over the past years I have drawn and painted feathers and birds, and explored how they have been used to enhance and decorate humans. I am also aware of the plight and precarious status of many species, which I wanted to represent in the delicacy of the image on the feather."

"I'm making work to raise awareness about issues of conservation, endangered birds, and extinction. I hope to continue to make work which contributes to the conservation of wildlife."

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