Food Illustrations by Anna Keville Joyce

When food illustrator and stylist Anna Keville Joyce’s pet bird died, she created these beautiful illustration series titled 'A Tribute to Budgie', featuring birds built of food and arranged on plates and photographed by Agustín Nieto.

"The title of the project comes from a bird I had named Budgie. Really, it’s related to a loss of a relationship in which I also lost my bird. It’s more of a metaphor, and a dedication to both. It’s my tangible expression of mourning, a mediation and part of my healing process. I believe that all experiences, even grief, can take shape and create sometime new and beautiful."

"Since it’s food, I have to create the pieces within a few hours. I start with the longest lasting ingredient (hopefully!) and work my way backward to the most delicate."

"Food is dynamic, which is what I like most. There’s only short moment when everything comes together. A moment before or a moment after just isn’t quite right. It’s not drawing, where you can erase, and it’s not oil paint, which patiently waits for you to come back and retouch. It’s the five minutes you have with raw, transparent cucumber flesh before it dries out or turns brown to see if you can get it to express streaky, wispy clouds."

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Source: firstwefeast


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