Ossuaria Jewelry by Kirstin Bunyard

Artist Kirstin Bunyard makes a high-end line of elegant jewelry using natural bones - primarily vertebrae and skulls - for her own label called Ossuaria Jewelry.

"Ossuaria came about by combining my previous interests in both fashion and dissection – taking the remains of something recently deceased and creating a beautiful, functional, wearable piece of art."

“My primary source of inspiration comes from the bones themselves. The natural shapes of the material are so beautiful and brilliantly designed – they simply scream to be shown, for once, outside the skin.”

“I do occasionally look to modernist jewelry designers for ideas about shapes, flow and conflict.”

Each piece is harvested, cleaned, and fashioned by hand to create bold and dramatic adornments for people with a bit of an eccentric side.

Kristin gathers her materials primarily from farms and ranches, though she occasionally uses other sources as well, such as pet stores that are left with deceased animals and reptiles on hand. She strips the skin and internal organs from the creature, then slowly boils the remains in order to deflesh the bones. She then cleans each individual bone with a wire brush, and finally soaks them in a light peroxide to both sterilize and whiten the bones. In the case of snake vertebrae, each piece is put back into the order it was while inside the body, creating a seamless, almost kinetic feel to the piece.

Ossuaria’s pricing structure is dependent upon the scarcity of the materials used and the time-intensive nature of cleaning the bones. Necklaces range from $100 to $500, while rings, bracelets and earrings are generally priced between $50 and $100.

Check her website: http://www.ossuaria.com/

Source: odditycentral


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