Human Mosaic of The Arirang Festival Mass Games

The Arirang Festival Mass Games is a gymnastics and artistic festival held in the Rungnado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea. The event usually begins in early August and ends around September 10th.

The particular mass games celebrates the story of North Korea. The extravaganza unfolds an epic story of how the Arirang nation of Korea, a country of morning calm, in the Orient put an end to the history of distress and rose as a dignified nation with the song Arirang.

The event is famed for the huge mosaic pictures created by more than 30,000 well-trained and disciplined school children, each holding up coloured pages in a book of printed sheets. Every 20 seconds for a period of two hours they switch the coloured pages to create stunning mosaics honoring Korea’s cultural heritage and its political regime.

Source: wikipedia, odditycentral


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