Fingerprints by Kevin Van Aelst

Creative artist Kevin Van Aelst reproduced each of his ten fingerprints using different objects and materials.

"This image is from the series Fingerprints, in which each of my 10 fingerprints were reproduced using various materials and objects that hold significance to my past and my identity. The series was an attempt to create a portrait of myself containing both objective information and a subjective context for that information."

Left Thumb

Left Index Finger

Left Middle Finger

"Left Ring Finger was created out of mustard, shown along with slice of whole wheat bread that is reminiscent of my school years. As distant and trivial as many of my elementary school memories are, I can’t help but feel they have, in one way or another, influenced my life and my identity."

Left Pinky Finger

Right Thumb

Right Index Finger

Right Middle Finger

Right Ring Finger

Right Pinky Finger

All images are © Copyright of Kevin Van Aelst

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