Gourd Art by Marilyn Sunderland

Columbia based artist Marilyn Sunderland created these wonderful gourd carving art pieces by etches incredibly detailed shapes into the shell and enhancing them with her painting.

“Art has always been a part of my life. I have painted portraits, landscapes, and various other subjects with oils, acrylics, and pen/ink mediums. I also do wood carving and glass engravings.”

"About four years ago, I purchased my ultra high-speed carving/engraving tool. I decided to try carving gourds. I love the relief effects the carving gives, and I use my painting techniques to enhance the carvings."

"I usually carve the gourd first, before painting it with oils, acrylics, wood stains or dyes. I love to carve leaves and flowers on my gourds."

"Many times, I cut out individual leaves or flowers from other gourds and then attach them to my gourd to enhance the relief design. I love the versatility of the gourd."

“The gourd has become my canvas for my creative expressions. I enjoy the excitement of each day with what my imagination can bring forth in each gourd. I strive to learn more, create more, and to enjoy each day to the fullest.”

Check her website: www.marilynsunderlandstudio.com


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