Old Stuff, New Life

This series of photos shows how everyday objects can be recycled or modified for other useful purposes. Simple household objects can be used to make works of art to decorate your house, or use as gifts. Check it out!

* A funnel can be used as a coat hook.

* A binder can be used as a hook.

* An old whisk can be used to store cotton balls.

* Old tennis balls can be cut and used as earmuffs.

* Old Lego blocks used as dominos.

* The spring from old clothes pegs can be added to chopsticks - handy for those who don't have good chopstick-handling skills.

* DIY lamp made from Tetra packs (packet drinks).

* DIY lamp made from plastic spoons and two drink bottles.

* DIY mirror frame made from plastic spoons

Check tutorial here . Images are © Copyright of www.addicted2decorating.com.

* DIY wall painting / decoration made of pattern from plastic bottle.

* Install a tension rod (or regular rod) in your cabinet to hang spray.

* Overturn your baking tray and bake dough over the top to have cookie bowls.

You can use them for ice cream and or fruit.


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