Wine Painting by Elisabetta Rogai

Italian painter Elisabetta Rogai uses red wine as artistic material.


"I noticed what happened when some drops of wine fell on the dinner table, and I thought it could be an interesting idea to bring those kind of colors and shapes to my canvas. Of course, before arriving at a good piece of art I had to experiment a lot. It’s part of my nature since I used to paint on a canvas made of denim. About the type of wine, I choose those as dark as possible among young wines. Of course 95% of the wine I use is red (white ones are just for giving light in some spots)."


Rogia notices a difference in the color and texture of her paintings around three months after she finishes them.


"The wine aging, which normally occurs over the years, takes only a few months on the canvas.”


"The difference between a freshly painted artwork and a three-months-old one is clearly visible; the texture changes and the colours evolve from young purples and cherry reds to more mature tones of amber, orange and brown."


To keep the aging of the wine going on on indefinitely, until the colors fade almost completely, Rogai has created a natural color fixating system based on water and flour. This leaves the hues unchanged but prevents colors from fading over a certain threshold.

In addition to using regular wine, she also uses a grape residue similar to oil paints produced at the University of Florence, Italy.

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