Vinyl Art by Daniel Edlen

Daniel Edlen, from Phoenix, Arizona, uses acrylic paint on vinyl to create these unique artworks.

He dabs thousands of tiny white spots on black vinyls to create amazingly-detailed portraits of famous musicians.

”It’s challenging painting on raw records because the paint streaks if I stroke it. Dabbing is the only way it works, but consistency is hard because I don’t use any black and I can’t remove paint easily once it’s dried.”

It took him up to a whole month to complete a single piece.

"My dad got me into music, playing his records for me. My mom volunteered at the local library, running their booksales. Records were donated, but wouldn't sell. So I got them. I'd learned to draw and paint at the Brentwood Art Center. I had the idea in a high school art class to draw with white pencil on black paper. Then, because I had more than one copy of records by people I liked, I came up with the idea to paint them on the records. I did about 10 at that time."

“The technique is kind of like Pointillism except it’s only white, with the density of the layers creating the shading. I came up with the idea after learning how to do rapidograph dot drawings, since I had duplicate records of my favorites.”

"Vinyl Art is portraiture on vinyl records. Painted by hand with only white acrylic, the density of the paint creates the illusion of shading. The video embedded at the end shows a bit of my technique while painting the Lou Reed shown first below which was inspired by Warhol's Screen Test. I create these pieces to celebrate the object and the subject, to pay tribute to the cultural contribution of the music, and to spark conversation and questions."

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