Alaska World Ice Art Championships

Fairbanks, Alaska hosts the World Ice Art Championships every year that attended by sculptors from all around the world.

The championship is divided into two separate divisions (Single Block Classic and Multi-Block Classic) each of which is divided again into abstract and realistic categories.

In the Single Block competition, two-person teams work with the ice from a single ice block measuring 5'x8'x3' and weighing more than 7,800 pounds (4 tons) and have two days to complete their sculpture. During this event, heavy machinery may not be used.

The sculpture later illuminated with a spectacular array of LED lights.

In the Multi-Block competition, teams of four members receive twelve blocks of ice measuring 4'x4'x3' and have five days to produce their sculpture. The final creations of this event will weigh up to 20 tons and tower over 25' in height. During this event, heavy machinery may be used.

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