Creative Escalator Advertisement

Advertisements are in almost every place we look. Check some of the most clever advertisement using escalators as the medium.

Revista Demolicion


Surfboard-shaped stickers were placed on moving walkways to promote magazine 'Demolicion'.

Sushi Roll


Stickers of sushi meals were bonded at the handrails of an escalator.

Gillette Venus


A giant leg was installed on the escalator which gave an illusion that people holding the handrail were running their hands down the smooth leg, demonstrating the smooth benefits of Gillette Venus.

Pizza Kingdom


Escalator in front of the Pizza Kingdom restaurant was used to promote their new pizza with more cheese with the tagline “Want extra cheese pizza? Just get over here!”. Pizza slices are strategically placed at the edges of adjacent escalator steps with melted extra cheese effect stretching between them.

Hopi Hari Amusement Park


Sao Paulo (Brazil) Hopi Hari Amusement Park hired the QG Propaganda agency to create a promotion for their rollercoasters.

Juice Salon


To advertise the wide variety of hairstyling options available at Juice Salon a picture of a man up to his forehead was pasted on the base of the escalator and a different hairstyle on each of its steps. As each step of the escalator moved down it resulted in showcasing of a different hairstyle.

Revitá Beauty Center


A clever ad from Revitá Beauty Center. When people are forced to walk on the images of prone spa-goers, it mimics the Shiatsu form of massage therapy.



Stickers of half covered Duracell battery compartments were placed at the start of escalators in major shopping malls.



The ad was placed in the space between 2 escalators so when people use the ecalators, they could feel the smooth hair in body just like the slogan "Silky touch Irresistibly smooth".

Stabilo Boss


To capture the long-lasting ability of Stabilo highlighters, giant pens were installed at the beginning of escalators throughout Hong Kong. As the steps continually moved forwards, the pen appeared to create the bright yellow safety marks on the side of the steps â non-stop from morning to night.


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