Carpet Drawings by Jonathan Bréchignac

Paris-based art director of Joe&Nathan studio, Jonathan Bréchignac, designed these Muslim prayer carpet that drawn only with Bic pencils.

"Painstakingly detailed, it explores different ways and patterns to create a unique whole with only a simple tool : the "Less is more" precept."

"The inspiration comes from different types of art (French roman, traditional Japanese, native American and Mexican) and also military camouflage and animal patterns. Together they create a mix of civilizations and religions bringing forth a new meaning to them."

”I never really knew what I wanted from the beginning. Finding inspiration and learning through trials was key to the project.”

Each of his artworks can take up to eight months to complete.

His latest carpet creation, titled Ultraviolet - The Blue Carpet is a post-digital masterpiece that made out of blue Bic pens and ultraviolet ink on paper. It contains four hand-drawn QR codes which connect to an equal number of websites.

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