Saint Basil’s Cathedral Origami Model by Sergei Tarasov

Sergei Tarasov, a school teacher from the Russian village of Tigritskoe created this meticulously detailed model of Moscow’s Saint Basil’s Cathedral made entirely out of paper.

Sergei used more than 10,000 sheets of A4 paper, incorporating 60,000 separate units of carefully assembled origami pieces to create the 1.5-meter-tall model of the iconic St. Basil cathedral, which took around a year to complete.

The artwork was presented during the ”Rus Masterovaya” festival dedicated to showcasing arts and crafts talent of Russian teachers.

In addition to this mind-blowing origami model, he has also recreated the Svyato-Spassky Cathedral in the southern Siberian town of Minusinsk, which took six months to complete.

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