Creative Perfume Bottle Designs

Perfume bottle design is an art. It is nearly as important as the scent and design of the perfume itself. They are used as an advertisement for what the bottle contains.

Check some of the most beautiful and creative bottle designs ;)

Shiseido "Zen" Perfume - Designed by GOOD! Agency

Zen is the first Shiseido's perfume released at the world market.

The main objective of the packaging was to highlight the natural character of this line of perfumes and is fully consistent with the idea of Zen – calmness, contemplation and natural beauty.

Ramón Molvízar Perfume

Ramon Molvizar is a niche perfume house from Spain. This company specialises in perfume products for the international luxury goods market. Art, luxury and exclusivity are the three main concepts that distills the exquisite Ramon Molvizar perfumes.

“Goldskin” and its variations, “Smart Goldskin”, “White Goldskin” and “Black Goldskin” are part of the Ramón Molvízar brand by Béjar Signature (Sant Cugat, Spain). The fragrance, enhanced with gold leaf, its glass flask, shaped like a rough diamond and its packaging concept are aimed at the top market segment.

For "Sol (Sun)" and "Luna (Moon)" edition, the bottle design is just the state of art in luxury with 22 Kt Gold like a snow glass ball and inside an beautiful mahogany box.

Ramon Molvizar Gold Collection Fragrances, like this "Art & Gold" and "Art & Silver" perfume, contain one gram of gold. The fancy perfume also comes in a special bottles made of Swarovski crystals.

Akon "Konvict" Perfume

Rap singer Akon created his perfumes named Konvict.

Unique design of the bottle includes two separate bottles of 50 ml linked with chain and handcuffs, so that the total consists of 100 ml EDP. The male bottle is the color of silver.

John Varvatos STAR USA

The bottle is made of smoky glass and silver metal, drawing inspiration from 19th century vials and industrial materials, while the spring system of the cap is reminiscent of antique beer bottles.

Diesel Perfume

To embrace the concept, which are masculine, determined and brave, Diesel "Only The Brave" fragrance packaged in a real sculpture of glass, shaped like a fist, with a silver ring with an inscription of the Diesel brand.

For "Fuel For Life", it is packaged in a flask-like bottles, stitched on one side, and the zipper on the other.

Diesel "Green Masculine" is packaged in a unique container that looks like a weed killer.

DKNY "Candy Apples" Perfume

DKNY Candy Apples fragrance flavors include Sweet Caramel, Ripe Raspberry and Juicy Berry, targeted towards teenage audience.

Each fragrance is packaged in a delicious candy apple design, colored by flavor with an old fashioned stick displaying the DKNY logo.

Nicki Minaj ("Pink Friday" and "Minajesty") Perfume

Eccentric American rapper Nicki Minaj launches her fragrance. The bottle appearance is something like the bust of Nikki herself.

Katy Perry ("Pur" and "Meow") Perfume

The image of the bottle is in the form of a cat with eyes like jewels.


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