Dozayix by Lacy Knudson

Artist Lacy Knudson, a mother of three, created these beautiful mosaic art made of playdoh.

She dubbed the process "Dozayix," which is a combination of "playDOh + moSAICS + FUN".

"I was playing play-doh with the kids one day, mixing colors. I adore color, vibrant, deep, subtle all of it. I made a “dot”… I looked at it for a minute, wheels turning, and realized this could be a way to make real, beautiful art, not just silly kids craft art, while playing with my children at the same time. I could do it in small intervals when ever it fit into my children and my schedule."

"I spent the next couple weeks figuring out the best was to dry the pieces. Covered… too slow, dehydrator… too fast I also found that humidity made a huge difference so depending on the weather I have to adjust how I dry them. I built a small frame and made a mini prototype with a gorgeous glossy fill."

For her first piece, she decided to recreate one of her own paintings, entitled 'A New World'. She used 23 pounds of the sculpting clay to create 10,000 0.5 inch dots. The artwork measures 48 x 72 in (122 x 183 cm).

Each piece of her artworks ranging in size from 3'x4' to 4'x8' and takes months to complete.

"To me nature is inspiring and exhilarating, family and faith is where my heart is, and art is my passion and joyful expression of all of it."

Lacy uses resin to keep all of the dots in place

"I want my art to touch people."

You can see a time-lapse video of her process below.

All images are © Copyright of Lacy Knudson

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