Mila's Daydreams by Adele Enersen

Finnish illustrator Adele Enersen creates dream worlds around her sleeping baby and capture it in a photograph.

This dream photography is inspired by her imagination of what her sleeping baby might be dreaming of at the time.

"To be perfectly honest, Mila’s Daydreams started out as a total coincidence — at the time, Mila was only two weeks old, and she just happened to fall asleep in a funny position on a blanket on the floor. The more we looked at her, the more she appeared like a little fencer, and we took a few pictures. That’s when I started to think of making whimsical backgrounds around Mila that would match the charm of her sleepiness — they could be her dreams, illustrated!"

"I consider myself more of a storyteller, so the camera is just one of the tools I use."

"I’m pleased to say that I never bought any props for the pictures; it was much more fun and economical (and eco-friendly!) to rediscover household items that I’d been looking at and using for so many years."

She publish a compilation of her artworks in a book titled “When My Baby Dreams.”

All images are © Copyright of Adele Enersen

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