Hyperrealistc Animal Plushies by Lee Cross

Self-taught sculptor Lee Cross from Alaska, aka Wood Splitter Lee, created these incredibly realistic hand-made plush animals.

After creating a skeleton for each of the animals, Lee wraps it in soft stuffing and then covers them with cloth and hand-decorated with synthetic fur and paint.

"Since I grew up in the woods of Alaska, I would see wild animals every day. Whether it was a family of eagles nesting right outside my window, wild swans that lived on our lake that became so used to me being there they would come when I called and let me pet them, or even the moose that would eat the carrots noses off my snowmen. I wanted to sculpt the animals I was seeing.”

"Each animal varies on how long it takes to make. When I first started it took weeks and weeks working all day. But it does not take as long now that I've made over 400 animals, it's become muscle memory.”

"I had no artistic ability at all until I turned 13 and I've never had any lessons of any kind. This was when I made my first animal sculpture. It didn't have the synthetic fur or poseable skeleton, but it won in an art contest and even sold the same day."

"I receive hundreds to thousands of commission requests every day, and due to the mass, I only sell these creatures through what I call ‘eBay Auction Adoptions!' where I let the people decide what each one-of-a-kind animal is worth.”

“My animals have also been noticed by the film company Stan Winston Studios, who are the makers of the ‘Jurassic Park’ movie, as well as the film company Weta Workshop, who are the creators of ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘(Chronicles of) Narnia’ and ‘The Hobbit.’ I just feel incredibly blessed that these animals have brought such joy and excitement to so many."

Her works have sold in auctions on her “eBay Auction Adoptions!” page from $185 to $5,000.

All images are © Copyright of Lee Cross

Check her website: http://wood-splitter-lee.deviantart.com/

Source: nydailynews


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