The Corner Shop by Lucy Sparrow

British artist Lucy Sparrow has converted a deserted store space in Bethnal Green, east London, into a temporary art exhibition titled 'The Corner Shop' where the entire goods is actually made out of felt.

Via a Kickstarter campaign, Sparrow has raised £10,744 to fund the project.

She spent seven months hand-sewn together more than 4,000 items to create the exhibition.

The shop is open to visitors every day this month, and almost all products are available for purchase online through The Cornershop website.

"The Cornershop grew out of an idea to create an art installation that would be overwhelming to people visiting."

“I chose felt because it’s a naive, almost childlike material that everyone comes into contact with at a young age when first they start to sew. It’s a very forgiving fabric that’s approachable and is available in a huge range of colours.”

Check the website:


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