More Arts Made of Toy Soldiers

We have covered arts made of toy soldiers in our previous post here. Check out some more of the amazing artworks from talented artist.

Artist: Joe Black

London-based artist Joe Black uses thousands of tiny objects, ranging from small toys and chess pieces to nuts and bolts, to create large-scale murals of iconic and historical figures.

This portrait of US President Barack Obama is made out of approximately 11,000 black and white toy soldiers, titled 'Shoot to Kill' (references the order to kill Osama Bin Laden).

"The stark black and white soldiers could indicate the ethos of good and evil, or right and wrong that is embedded in America's dealings with Eastern nations."

Check his website:

Artist: Ole Ukena

Berlin multidisciplinary artist Ole Ukena created these green peace flag made of 20,000 toy soldiers titled 'In the Absence of War'.

Where the sodiers don’t stand the peace sign is revealed.

The 11 feet wide and 5 feet high sculptural installation presents both criticism and observation that only where soldiers are not fighting can peace truly exist, and that it takes both sides of the battle to make peace a reality.

Check her website:

Artist: Adam Katz

For 'Things I Have Learned in My Life' project at the School of Visual Arts Masters in Design program, project designer Adam Katz spray painted 1,500 plastic army men to a glass window.

"I was asked to create a typographic solution for Stefan Sagmeister's prompt of Things that I have learned in my life. My solution was to spray paint over 1,500 little green plastic army men day-glo orange and affix them to a window store front in New York City with my saying "All of my good ideas are battles." The piece remained up at 136 West 21st for over a month."

Check his website:


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