Tools Made of Coins by Stacey Webber

Indiana-based artist Stacey Webber create sculptures that resemble everyday tools made of coins.

"I became interested in making artwork which expressed the struggles of the everyday blue collar American during the economic downtown around 2005. It seemed natural with a training in jewelery to work with coins - they are small, metal, and literally represent value."

"After researching and making endless amounts of samples/experiments I became fascinated with older pennies (pre-1982) which are solid copper and vintage silver quarters, dimes, and nickels. Copper and silver are traditionally used in metalsmithing's history making it the perfect relationship between concept and craft."

"Each piece is completely different pertaining to time. Every sculpture is a one-of-a-kind design, so the larger ones, of course, take more time in engineering and fabrication."

"It is fairly difficult to work with coins because each coin is a different alloy depending on the year and country. Different alloys require research on the possibilities of connecting - welding, soldering, riveting, etc. I have chosen to make constructions using American coins that not only relate to my concepts but also make use of my technical training."

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Source: mymodernmet


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