Origami Sculptures by Eric Joisel

French artist and sculptor Eric Joisel created stunningly beautiful and complex sculpted origami paper models.

Eric could spend more than 100-hours folding a single piece of paper in order to create his amazing pieces of art.

"Origami is very difficult. When people ask how long it takes me to make a sculpture I say '35 years', because that is how long it's taken me to get to this level."

“I have worked in clay, stone and wood before working in paper. I prefer creating human figures more than animals."

"Before I was able to attempt folding a complete human figure, I practiced making masks and faces for many years. This was more than just production, it was the process of breathing life into the paper and most importantly, partially improvising with every model so that each one was distinctive. This is different than traditional origami where every step is exactly defined so that folders could produce accurate copies. All my models are completely unique.”

Eric died on 10 October 2010, from lung cancer in the age of 53 years old.

Check his website: www.ericjoisel.com


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