Three-Dimensional Paintings by Shaka

France-based artist, Shaka aka Marchal Mithouard, combines painting, sculpture, and graffiti to create these 3d paintings.

"When I started to do graffiti it was just for fun; later, I realized how I could mix graffiti and more traditional painting. Nowadays, my work is a result of all these experiences. I like to mix all of this, in fact it’s the way hip hop exists, mixing things to make music. I work in the same way on canvas, making sculptures, and doing graffiti."

"Behind the violence and my energetic colour palette, there is a message of sensibility. It’s all about human expression, the movement of their bodies representing the struggle for individuality in social power politics."

"I like to compare my paintings with how governments work. With the end of the American dynasty for example. One personage will fall for sure, but because of it’s selfishness and violence, it will push others to fall down with it. I want to provoke a reflection about this selfishness in human behavior."

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Source: undergroundparis


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