Shotgun Shells Mosaic Sculpture by Linton Meagher

Australian artist Linton Meagher constructs these beautiful mosaic sculptures using hundreds of empty shotgun shells, shotgun pellets, and acrylic in resin.

"The bullets are quite repellent by themselves, but when there are thousands of them glinting in the light they actually look quite beautiful. Hence, the gun becomes an object of beauty in much the same way that the gun is often romanticized in popular culture."

“Taxidermists strive to cover up the means and act of death, traditionally portraying the pheasant at the height of its beauty. With the shotgun cartridge works, the viewer is initially seduced by the beauty of the multi- coloured cartridges that glisten in the light. However, it is hard to look past the act of death implied by all the empty cartridges, especially since these are all spent cartridges and, on looking closely, the viewer can see how some of the cartridges are coloured by gunpowder and dirt from the field.”

Meagher also made these trout and salmon where thousands of flies brings the form of the fish to life.

“The individual trout and salmon flies are extraordinarily beautiful – they are individual works of art in their own right”.

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Source: fadwebsite


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