Esplendor Buenos Aires Hotel Portraits by Mondongo

The 4-star Esplendor Buenos Aires Hotel, one of the best hotels in the Argentinian capital, is worth visiting just for the impressive portraits displayed around the hotel created by Argentinian art collective Mondongo.

Maria Elena Walsh (children’s author and songwriter) - bits of clay

We featured one of their series of detailed portraits made with dripped Plasticine here.

Eva Peron (political figure and social icon) - burnt toast, stale bread and resin

Isabel “Coca” Sarly (vedette dancer) – assorted cookies and resin

Carlos Gardel (father of tango) - straight pins

Astor Piazzola (famed tango composer) - straight pins and black ink

Diego Armando Maradona (football player) - solid gold chains wrapped around nails

Adrian “Dárgelo” Rodriguez (rock singer of Babasonicos) - colored sequins on black velvet

Atahualpa Yupanqui (singer and songwriter) - colored yard

Ernesto Sabato (novel writer) - wood carvings

Jorge Luis Borges (famed author of national literature) - assorted threads

Minguito (actor and comedian) - scraps of fabric

Carlos Monson (professional boxer) - broken shards of glass and resin

Che Guevara – bullets and resin

Images taken from imagineargentina

Fingerprints by Kevin Van Aelst

Creative artist Kevin Van Aelst reproduced each of his ten fingerprints using different objects and materials.

"This image is from the series Fingerprints, in which each of my 10 fingerprints were reproduced using various materials and objects that hold significance to my past and my identity. The series was an attempt to create a portrait of myself containing both objective information and a subjective context for that information."

Left Thumb

Left Index Finger

Left Middle Finger

"Left Ring Finger was created out of mustard, shown along with slice of whole wheat bread that is reminiscent of my school years. As distant and trivial as many of my elementary school memories are, I can’t help but feel they have, in one way or another, influenced my life and my identity."

Left Pinky Finger

Right Thumb

Right Index Finger

Right Middle Finger

Right Ring Finger

Right Pinky Finger

All images are © Copyright of Kevin Van Aelst

Check his website:

'Out of Disorder' by Takahiro Iwasaki

Japanese visual artist Takahiro Iwasaki creates these intricately designed sculptures from common materials. From carving topographical maps into rolls of electrical tape, assembling the loose threads from towels and socks to architecturally constructing the bristles from toothbrushes.







Amazing Paper-Cutting Art by Hina Aoyama

Hina Aoyama, a Japanese artist living in France creates these stunning lacy-paper-cuttings done by only a simple pair of scissors.




"My passion is to create a finest cutoff beyond the level of the very time-consuming needle lace making."




"I don't follow traditional but I am trying to create a mixture of the traditional and modern styles and to produce my own world through this super fine lacy-paper-cuttings technique."






Check her website:

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