Animal Bone Guns by Bruce Mahalski

New Zealand-based artist Bruce Mahalski creates these amazing realistic-looking models of various firearms made out of an assortment of animal bones.

Most of Mahalski’s works reflect his interest in firearms and Pacific and African carving styles.

This life-size AK-47 (330mm x 940mm) is made of rabbit, stoat, ferret, sheep, hawk, pheasant, wallaby, snapper, snake, blackbird, tarakihi, hedgehog, broad-billed prion, shear water, thrush, seal ,cat and possum bones, plus a single bone from the extinct moa he found in a cave. It was auctioned for $3,500.

“Once my mum even tried to send a weaver bird’s nest to New Zealand when we were on holiday in Africa but customs weren’t too keen on letting it into the country! Most of my collection I found myself on beaches or roadsides. Some people might consider it ghoulish to collect bits of dead animals but to me it isn’t about death – it’s about life. Like a sympathetic magician I hope that by possessing an animals bone a little bit of its life force will rub off on me. It’s also a tribute – a form of recycling – a lot of these things are just too good to leave lying around and I have to take them home.”

All images are © Copyright of Bruce Mahalski

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Source: Odditycentral


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