Wool Landscapes by Lisa Jordan

Minnesota artist Lisa Jordan makes these beautiful brooches by needle felting wool, and then implementing it to a found piece of oak.

"Most people are familiar with wool as a knitted sweater, a skein of yarn, or a sheet of felt, but fewer are familiar with the material before it's processed into those forms. Unspun wool can be soft or slightly scratchy, curly or straight, with a long or short staple. With just a few jabs of the felting needle, the wool will begin to hold together. Enough jabs and the soft fiber is coaxed into a shape that is capable of standing on its own, without the use of adhesives or support."

"Intricate details can be added to scenes by laying out thin layers of wool in varying colors, sometimes in single strands of fiber. I feel as though I'm painting with wool, affixing the colors with a single steel needle."

“Working with natural materials speak to my need to create something that’s interesting in texture and form, unique, and sustainable."

"When working with a branch that I’ve hauled in from the woods, I know that even if I tried, no two pieces will be the same."

"Working with felted garment wool is a textural treat. The quality of the felt produced by fulling/felting a 100% wool coat is amazing, and once it’s felt no one would know it was the outdated 1980′s teal green coat with the giant shoulder pads you used to wear. Wool roving is so versatile that I never tire of working with it.”

"Nature inspires me. The odd lumpy bits of moss, the colors of mushrooms, the texture of bark and leaves and stone. I can’t get enough of the tiny often overlooked details in nature."

Check her website: http://lilfishstudios.blogspot.sg/

All images are © Copyright of Lisa Jordan

Source: madeinslant, indiefixx and apartmenttherapy


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