Coffee Residue Art by Alexander Wald

Ukrainian amateur artist Alexander Wald creates unique works of art from dried coffee residue and sand.

He drinks 2-3 cups of coffee a day, and instead of throwing away the coffee grounds on the bottom of his cup, he dries them and uses them as an art medium.

His colleagues pitch in as well, otherwise Alexander would actually have to buy fresh ground coffee.

The artist says any sort of coffee will do, aside from instant coffee, which doesn’t produce any extra grounds.

"The simple picture is half a cup of coffee grounds, a handful of sand and half a day of work. Portraits can do for a long time – a month or more. Easier to do a portrait, when I saw the man at least once live. Memorize his features look. More often made to order with a photo . biggest my work – meter seventy – hangs in the office of the circus. Most are small – the size of a picture, where I usually work with a needle and glasses."

Alexander starts the artistic process by drawing an outline of his artwork on the canvas. For darker tones he uses thick ground organic coffee of different varieties, and for lighter ones he uses a conventional sand – quartz, pebbles - sifts through the strainer. It took several weeks to finish a single piece.

He uses a jeweler’s monocle to get the placement of the materials just right, because most of his creations are just a few centimeters big.

He covers the canvas in paint glue, stick the coffee and sand grains, and adds a layer of varnish spray.

Images taken from here

Source: odditycentral


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