Toothpick City by Stan Munro

New Yorker Stan Munro, a former television presenter, uses toothpicks to recreate some of the world’s iconic landmarks at a 1:164 scale.


He used six million toothpicks and 172 liters of glue to create his amazing Toothpick City.


It took him from one day to six months to make each building.

He downloads as many technical drawings and satellite images as possible from the internet and scales the rest himself.


His toothpick replica of Cambodian temple Angkor Wat is the most complex structure he has ever had to build. “Oh man, there was swearing and tears over that one.”


His favourite piece is the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. “That's where I married my beautiful wife.”


“I'd much rather be known as an architectural historian than an artist.”

All his models are on display at the Museum of Science and Technology, in Syracuse, New York.


Check his website:

Source: dailymail


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