Incredible Realistic Pencil Drawings

Artist: Paul Chiappe

Scottish artist Paul Chiappe, creates 'old-fashioned photos' in such stunning detail that you'll need a magnifying glass to tell them apart from real photographs.

Paul gets his inspiration from old pictures. He spends up to two months at a time sketching miniature portraits, some as small as 2mm, using mainly pencil but others are done using paint which is then airbrushed.

"I find it particularly interesting looking at people in old photographs and appreciating the differences and similarities, across different periods, cultures and personalities."

"My interest is captured by the naive charm and androgyny of the children in the images I use, who display obvious personalities."

"Using old photos allows me to play with the idea of memory more than a very current image would and works as a device to force people to cast their minds back."

"I also like working on a small scale for technical reasons - it makes sense for me to produce small work because it wouldn't be practical to produce large works with the same level of detail."

Check his website:

Artist: Rajacenna

Rajacenna, an 18-year-old Netherlands artist draws these realistic portraits using only pencils.

She needs 40 hours or more to finish a single drawing.


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