Weapons Art by Sasha Constable

British artist Sasha Constable creates this stunning works of art made of weapons.


In 2000, Sasha first encountered a demining site in Cambodia.


"The first time I was really struck by the full force of the devastation landmines cause was after visiting Beng Melea temple in 2001."


"The HALO Trust had started demining around two of the exterior walls and there were craters where the mines had been detonated. Numerous people in the nearby village were survivors of landmine accidents."


"If I was not with deminers whom I trusted it would have been terrifying. Every step I took I wondered whether my life might change in a second."


"It makes you wonder about the pain suffered by landmine survivors and how they get through such a devastating occurrence."

"It's difficult to understand how someone works through such a devastating experience, but they do."


"It appeared that the survivors dealt with the day-to-day reality and had an innate strength and resilience."

Sasha is also a teacher and has worked with the children at the Cambodian Landmine Museum over the years. She helped the museum set up an art room and taught a series of art projects to the children.

"They created some extremely thought-provoking work about their accident in the past and their ambitions for the future."

Sasha saw opportunity in the 125,000 weapons that were discarded by the Cambodian government after 30 years of war. Along with a small arms specialist with the European Union, she used the guns to create furniture and sculptures in The Peace Art Project Cambodia (PAPC) in November 2003 as a means to promote peace and awareness for the success of the disarmament programmes operating in Cambodia.

Check her website: http://sashaconstable.co.uk/

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