Be a Pin Up by Lulu Guinness

As part of Clerkenwell Design Week, clutch and tote designer Lulu Guinness created 'Be a Pin Up', a two-metre-high installation similar to the popular 80s pin art toys.

"I decided to get involved with Clerkenwell Design Week as it is London's premier celebration of design and it was exciting to take part by designing this one-off commission - I also wanted to do something that people could interact with, which is why I came up with the idea of the Be a Pin-Up installation."

Guinness created her first pin up impression, and accessorizing her finished piece with a Lipstick Red Lips Clutch.

Participants are invited to step up to the interactive art piece situated in front of St. John’s Gate, the iconic London landmark, and press their bodies into the 6,000 chrome capped aluminum pins creating all manner of body portraits.

See more images here


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